How to commit all changed files at time in git

How to commit all changed files at time in git? Instead of adding each changed file and then commit. Do we have any way to commit all changed files


How to compare a local git branch with its remote branch?

How can I see the diff between a local branch and a remote branch in git?


Can you suggest regular git commands


Iam learning git for the first time.I want to know the regular git commands.

Can you suggest


How to clone all projects of a group at once in GitLab

In GIT repository, I have 20 projects to clone it. I want to clone all projects at time. Is there a way to do that?


unable to install git eclipse plugin fir indigo

I tried to install the plugin by going to Help > Install New Software menu In the Work with field I chose:
EGit -
Used Marketplace also, no use