rules for website creation, especially SEO rules

rules for website creation, especially SEO rules.


  • title length should be 50 - 60 characters
  • page meta description should be 70- 320 characters
  • heading should be in structured format(H1, H2 .. H6 tags)
  • image tab altattribute shouldn't be empty or missing
  • page url should be seperated with hyphen(-), not with underscore(_)
  • Make sure ur website same with and without www. Use .htaccess to redirect to one
  • website should be mobile friendly
  • website should have 404 page to redirect 404 error to a 404 page
  • enable compression
  • Maintain sitemap.xml, generate online and upload
  • website domain should be clean and short
  • Make sure no broken links are pointed.

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